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Summary C4K November and December!

Picture of the children laughinh
C4K #8 due 11/7
This kid comment came from the blog "Little Voices, Little Scholars". In the blog post, the child showed a picture of what his mother has cooked him for supper. He thought his supper was great, so he thought he would show everyone a picture describing it. I commented back by saying that his picture looked great, and I am sure his mother is a great cook.

C4K #9 due 11/14

This comment was on the classblog "Good Things Come in Small Packages". I was given the Blog "Garden". In this particular blogpost, they talked about how they were growing a spring garden. In this blog post, they mentioned how they were growing all sorts of things from strawberries to spinach. I commented back and said that I wish I could come see their garden. I said that I bet they are doing a great job. Keep up the great work.

C4K # 10 due 11/ 21In this blog post, it was from the blogspot of Mrs. Clonlin's class. It was their Flat Stanley project. In these blog post they tell where the Flat Stanley and where they are going. Mine was going to Florida. In the comment back I told them to have fun and be careful!

C4K #11 due 12/5In this comment, we all commented on Yasmine's blog post. In the one that I read she had a piture of a horse. On the blog post though the picture was not visible to the students. It must have been messed up. She described through the piture how much she loved horses. I commented back by saying, that eventhough there wasn't a picture, I could tell how much she loved horses. I also told her how much I loved horses and to keep up the great work.


C4T # 4 Summary!

On my fourth teacher, I was given "What Ed Said". In the first blog post, it talked about how students from all over the world were connecting through music. It talked how students from India and Australia were connecting to the music of Skakira. They mentioned how this helped students connect from all over the world to the same things. I commented by by saying how great it was that students from two different sides of the world can have the same interest. I said this can show children, that all children have the same interest. I really enjoyed this blog post, it was great
On the second blog post, he talked about his PLN. He mentioned how blogging and all the global connections were great. It talked about following his passions with technology. In my comment back, I said that blogging has helped me understand the global technology more. I said that blogging has made it to where I can connect with people all over the world. This class has really opened my eyes to how much the internet can help you interact with world. It was a great blog post.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Final PLN Post

Be sure to click the image to view this weblink. I really enjoyed setting up this PLN. It really helped me network with all my favorite places. I have all sorts of places to link to. I have everything from Google, facebook, to people's personal blogs.

Additional Assignment # 5!!!

I really enjoyed all of Tom Johnson's posts. I thought they were really thought through and were great! My favorite was Sketchy Portraits: 8th Grade Identify and Pencils. I completely agreed with what he said. I like this one so much, I decided to comment on this one. I agree with how he described Eighth Grader's behavior. I feel that sometimes they cannot help their behavior. I feel that sometimes that is just the age they are in. I liked how he used the metaphor with pencils to describe the behavior of middle school students. In middle school, students still have an attitude. They are still trying to figure out who they are. I also really enjoyed the post, He Just Likes the Class for the Pencils. I really enjoyed this post. He explained how he has to build a relationship and respect between him and his students. This showed me that he is really a great teacher, and I hope to be like that one day. He seems to really care about his students, and I hope to be just like that.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Project 15!!!!


Blog Post 13!!!!!!!!

Picture of the Alabama Department of Education Logo


I was fairly familiar with ALEX due to previous classes, and I love it. It is so useful and can help so much. Alex is a site that gives you all the course of studys for all kinds of subjects. When you first go to the website, you have several tabs you can chose from. These tabs are the following: courses of study, web links, lesson plans, search, personal workshop, professional learning, podcast treasury, and ALEXville. In the courses of study tab you have to chose a subject that you are interested in making a lesson plan for. For instance if you want to teach a lesson on second grade math, you have to make sure that your lesson would meet the course of study objectives. This is the tab where you find all this information at. Then the next tab is web links. This tab is exactly what is says it is. It gives you all kinds of web links that are helpful resources for teachers. The next tab is lesson plans. This is where you can find lesson plans that are examples that can help guide a teacher throughout their lessons. The next tab is search. This is where you search anything you want to regarding to ALEX. The next tab is personal workshop. In this tab, you would have to login and it is where you can do all your work and save it to the actual website. The next tab is professional leaning. This tab is great because it takes you to all different areas that can be researched. The next tab is podcast treasury. In this tab you have all kinds of contents and it also shows you Alabamas showcases! It is really cool! The next tab is ALEXville. In this tab you can visit these areas to communicate with your colleagues, keep up with the latest ALEX news, and follow various ALEX Professional Learning Communities!! Alex is a great website, that is VERY useful! I plan on using it all the time when I become a teacher. I have not even became a teacher and I already use this website all the time. It can help you with all your lesson plans and make sure your doing everything right for a teacher.
In the website, I enjoyed seeing all the things that you can do. It takes you to the Alabama State Department of Education. You can connect with all the Alabama School systems and such. It is great. Everyone should check it out.

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Blog Post 12!!!!

Dangers of the Internet

Watch this video on the dangers of the internet. In this video, you will see how an innocent little girl is taken advantage of. After watching this video and thinking about it answer the following questions.
When you are a teacher will you tell your students of the dangers of the internet?
Will you tell them of all the dangers of the internet?
When blogging in your classroom will you make sure that all your students are protected in someway?

After I watched this video, it really made me realize the dangers of the internet. It actually scared me. It showed me how these innocent children are taken advantage of so quickly. As a teacher, I will make sure that my students are up-to-date with technology and make sure that all my students know how to access the internet. At the same time, I will always know what websites my students are accessing and will always make sure that my students have some sort of privacy. Yes, not only will I make sure that I try to watch all their internet access, but I will also make them aware of the dangers as well. I will explain how the internet can be so great but so dangerous at the sametime.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Project 14!!

Analysis on Project 6!!!

1. On my first question I asked: "Can you walk on your hands?" Well of course the majority of everyone said NO, because it is not a natural thing for most people to walk on their hands. It almost has to be a talent for you to walk on your hands.
2. In the second question, I asked: "What is your favorite kind of pie?" To be honest there was really a tie between all of the three. It shows that most people in this class love key lime, chocolate, and pecan. I believe that this is because all three of these kinds of pies are really well known around the south. They are also just pretty famous pies.
3. For the third question, I asked "What is your favorite football team?". The choices were LSU, South, Alabama, and Auburn. Most people said South and another team, such as South and Auburn or South and Alabama. I feel that if someone goes to school somewhere they form a love for it. For instance everyone in this class wants South's football team to do great.
4. For the fourth question, I asked: "If you could have one miracle, what would it be and why?" Everyone's answer was very differnt, because everyone has different hopes and dreams. Not everyone is exactly alike.
5. In the fifth question I asked was "Do you like the smell of paint?"
Most everyone in this question did not like the smell of paint, I feel that the majority of people do not like it. It is a very strong and nasty smell. It gives alot of people headaches.
6. In the sixth question, I asked: "If you could change your name, would you and why?" Most people in this question did not want to change their name. They said that it was the name given to them and it fits them. Most people feel that is would be disrespectful to change your name. It is the name that your parents chose for you.
7. In the seventh question, I asked: "Are you afraid of clowns". The majority of the people said no. I feel that they said no, because clowns is like a childish thing, why be scared of them?
8. In the eighth question, I asked: "Do you like pizza or chicken fingers better". I also got a mixed reply on this one, because both of these foods are so well known. I mean everywhere you go you can get pizza or chicken fingers. Both of these foods are famous all over the world.
9. In the ninth question, I asked: "If you could be a movie star, who would you want to be". This is very much like the miracle question, because everyone has different tastes. There are so many movie stars and everyone has different tastes and preferences.
10. In the tenth question, I asked: "Do you prefer the movie Fried Green Tomatoes of Steel Magnolias?" I also got a mixed response on this question as well. I feel that these movies are so well known, that if you like one that you almost have to like the other one.

In this questionaire, I asked alot of questions about the south. In the answers, you could tell who was from the south.

Progress Report on Final Project

I am still undecided on what I am going to do my final project on. I have many ideas that deal with movies directing something. I hope that my final project is something that is great and something that has never been used before. I have not yet discussed my ideas with my group. We plan on meeting next week and via email to discuss all of our ideas. I think that my group will work great together to produce a great project.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Summary Post for Kids

Picture of children
I was given Tarin's blog for my fourth child. On this particular blog spot, I commented on the article "The Fete". In this article, Tarin talked about her school having a school festival. In this blog post she talked about all the different activities they had and all her favorite activities that they had. She then talked about all these activies, and how in the activies differnt prizes were given out. I commented back by saying, that I loved when my school use to have a fall festival. They were so much fun. I mentioned how I liked some of the same rides that she did.
I was also told to comment on the blog post, "The Other Side of Learning". In this article, it talked about how school is so much more than just science, math, history, and reading. It is so much more than that. She sais school helps shape children into the adults they grow up to be. She stressed all the important factors of school. I commented on the blog, by saying that everything that was stated is completely right. School is so much more than just all the basic subjects. School helps shape who you are. It helps form all the basic social skills to interact with people. I really enjoyed this blog post.
My fifth student was AllisonK. In this blog post she talked about her English Cocker Spaniel. She talked about how loveable they are, and how she would never recommend another dog to someone. She told how she loved hers so much. I commented back by saying that, I had a English Coker Spaniel when I was young and it was the sweetest dog. I loved mine so much, and I wish that mine was still alive.
My sixth student was Lendsey P. In this blog post, it just said " I learned to count by 4's." This blog post was very short. I commented back by saying that counting by 4's is very great and it is great that he learned how to do it.
My seventh student was Ryan Rich. In this blog post he talked about his picture that he made of the USS Alabama. All the blog post said was how hard he had worked on it and it showed the picure of it. I commented back by saying that this picture was great and the USS Alabama has so many historical facts to it, and that it is great that he has an interest in it.

Blog Post 11!!

Little Kids... Big Potential!

In this video it showed how these students were always using a laptop or a smartboard. This class is very advanced in technology. They mentioned how they had a class web page that always helped them access the internet, and they each had their own blog. The students loved talking about who left them comments back. They said how they can go home and still access their class web page. This is great, because it keeps the students always researching something. They also talked about being able to access other schools web pages as well. I think that this is great, because they can always get new ideas from each other, and always be interacting with people all around the world. I thought it was great that this classroom used skype in their classroom. That is GREAT! Can you imagine, what the students will be able to do with technology as they get older? They already know so much! These little children really do have so much potential.

Skype Interview with Mrs. Cassidy
I felt that this interview was very good. I thought that her classroom was great! I really liked seeing all the technology that she used in her classroom. I think that technology is here to stay as she said. The world is always changing and we have to keep up with technology. I think that blogs should be used inside a classroom. As she said, blogs can be seen all over the world, when work on pencil and paper can only be seen by a few people. I think that as time moves on, more and more teachers and principals will want their students to be using technology all the time. I think that all her ideas were great and she sounds like she is a great teacher. I really enjoyed watching this video.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

C4T # 3 Summary

Picture of the tubular wireless speakers
I was given "A Geeky Mommas Blog". In this blog post, she discussed how technology is very important, but what is going on inside the classroom is important as well. In this particular post, she mentioned how teachers should share imformation among each other and give each other ideas of what is going on inside their classrooms. I commented back by saying, "I thought that this was a great idea, because the classroom is the main action of what is going on inside a student's mind. I really enjoyed reading this blog post.
The second blog post that I commented on from "A Geeky Mommas Blog" was titled "Other IPEVO Products of Interest". In this blog post she spoke about how she got some new Tubular Wireless Speakers. She told us in her blog how to use them and how to follow the instructions to set them up. She mentioned how much she liked them and how she would suggest them to everyone. I commented back by saying how happy I was that she told us about them, because in EDM 310 we are always learning about new technology, and now I have something to tell about.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Additional Assignment # 3!!

Changing Education Paradigms

1. What do you think is the most important thing Sir Ken Robinson says in this presentation?I feel that the most important thing in this video is how students should be educated with culture ways of the world. We need to realize that that the education system needs some changes, and the children may be more successful in groups and such. Also need to realize that some of the education styles today are holding back some students natural learning capabilites.
2. Is there anything you disagree with in this presentation?I did not really disagree with anything in this video. I felt that everything that was said, was fairly true. I feel that educators should teach their students the way and understanding of their culture. The only thing that puzzled me was when Sir Ken Robinson brought up the fact of schools being divided into different age groups. I feel that a school has to be divided into different age groups because children all learn something at each age. Each grade is important, no matter how smart a child is.
3. How congruent are Sir Ken Robinson's positions with which those you are being taught in the College of Education. In other words,where is the agreement? Where is the disagreement? In my particular major I have not heard to many things about standarized testing. In my college experience, all I hear about is how changing some of the traditional ways of educating students with new technological ways.
4. What can you do to address the issues Sir Ken Robinson raises?When I become a teacher, I plan on looking at several different schools in several different areas to see how they are adapting technology into a traditional school setting. I will also think of different ways to bring the natural learning abilities of students and being creative. Sometimes students need to explore what they are best at to be able to achieve the most out of school. I also liked how Sir Ken Robinson brought up the issue of ADD and ADHD. I feel that too many children are being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD way to quickly. Some children have no business being placed on medicine so quickly.
5. What do you think of the presentation? If you had to do a presentation with others like this, what role on your team would you like most to play?I feel that Sir Ken Robinson did a great job with this presentation, and I feel that he really knows what he is talking about on alot of issues. I like how he has the guts to speak out on these issuses. If I could, I would want to be the author. I would want to come up with great ideas such as these.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blog Post 10!!!

Morgan Bayda

In this video, it really stressed how pointless somethings can be in classroom. For example, sitting in a classroom for hours of just pure lecturing can be so boring. The students will just be trying to stay awake instead of actually paying attention to the lecture. This is exactly true, I hating sitting in a classroom for hours just listening to a lecture. I feel that I leave the classroom knowing the same amount as when I walked in the classroom. Some schools need to take advantage of the new technology such as twitter, blogger, and skype to have a lecture. Some of the styles of teaching are still the same as they were one hundred years ago, and somethings need to change. I believe that, yes students do need to have a lecture time but at the sametime the teacher needs to interact with the students and technology more. Dan Brown did a great job of making the video. I do not believe that I would drop out of school, but his video had some great points.

Don't Let Them Take Home Pencils
Picture of Students playing with pencils
In this blog post, this teacher was told not to allow the students to take home their pencils. He was told that it could even lower test scores. This teacher only had test scores on her mind. Instead of just worrying about one thing, find a great way to turn something bad into something great. Just because the students are "playing" with the pencils does not mean the students are not learning anything. I really enjoyed reading this blog post.

Two Questions That Change Your Life

My Sentence: She always installed in her students each day with the feeling that they are all loved in a special way and everyone has something great about themselves no matter what.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blog Post 9!!!!!

What I've Learned This Year

Picture of Do's and Dont's

I really enjoyed reading this post. It made me focus my attention more on what a teacher is expected to do. I also realized that being a teacher is not about you as the teacher, it is about the students and what they have learned. I realized in this post that when being a teacher you must be flexible. As a teacher you will have to break some of your habits and go with the flow. Also in all kinds of jobs, communication is the key to having an enjoyable work place. Also when you are a teacher, your students watch your every move. So, everything you do and participate in should be reasonsible, because you are these students role models. When you are a teacher, you must always listen to the students. After all, they are the voice of the future. As a teacher, do not be afraid of technology. Do not be afraid of new ideas. The most important thing is never stop learning. Just because you are a teacher with a degree does not mean that your brain is completly full of knowledge. Everyone can always learn something more in life. I really enjoyed reading this, and I hope when I become a teacher that I can successfully perform all the Do's and stay away from all the Don'ts.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Post 8

This is How We Dream

Picture of Library   Picture of Mac computer screen
The ways of reading and writing has changed so much over time and the change increases all the time. These days reading and writing can easily be done over a small computer, when in the past reading and writing was only done with paper and pencil. In today's society we no longer work with just that plain pencil and paper. We now work through a screen on a computer using microsoft word and such. In the past all research had to be performed in a library with thousands of books to pick through, but now all you have to do is click one button to research the entire world on the web. The good incrumental change is that all the papers online are always there. For example when you took a book out of the library that information is not there until you return it, but that is the opposite of the internet. On the internet once an article is stored there it is always there no matter what.
Also the internet changes things instantly, books do not change until they are reprinted. For example, during the presidental elections, one can log on to the internet and keep up with the scores. When a book is not that accurate. This is also an example of an incremental change not a fundamental change.
The internet is very difficult at times for certain people to get use to, because the internet is always changing. People who were always use to researching through a book has to adjust to the quick advances of the internet. The internet is great. It makes you realize that the internet does make you share ideas publicly. One can now get online lectures on all sorts of subjects. So teachers do need to realize that his or her ideas will be shared at some point. It is amazing how a discussion on the internet can be viewed or put on blogs over 3000 times just after three months of being posted to the internet. I realize as an inspiring teacher, this technology for teaching is always changing. I think that change is good, but at the same time challenging. I believe even five years from now, technology will be increased even dramtically by then. Eventhough it is challenging it can make so many things happen for students and the world.

The Chipper Series and EDM for Dummies
I actually LOVED watching both of the these videos. Very funny and entertaining! I liked watching these videos, it showed me what I need to do for this class and how to do it. The EDM for Dummies made me realize that I am not the only one that was stressed out, but it made me realize that once you understand the course, it really is not that bad. I would love to be in a video. I would love to compose a video that is very similar to these videos. For example, maybe explaining how to do something in another course or how to work a certain device. I really enjoyed these videos.

As I was reading both sides to this argument it made me realize there are good points to both sides. I realize that smartboards are so expensive and really do some of the same things that a normal board does except it is higher technology. I mean both boards teach you something such as a math problem right?
A normal board does not provide near the amenities that a smartboard does, but on the same hand a smartboard is so expensive. I sometimes believe that it does not matter what you teach off of because what really matters is the material being taught. Here is a website that argues the opposite side of smartboards.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Additional Assignment # 2

The Child-driven Education

 Picture of children infront of computer

1. Yes, I do believe if a learner is motivated than they can most certainly teach themselves. I believe as the man stated in the video, "If there is an interest than education happens". I believe this is true and this applies to this question. I fill that having an interest in something can make someone want to learn more and more about which in my opinion brings motivation.
2. Yes, I also believe kids can teach themselves. For example in the video, all those children in India gradually taught themselves how to navigate a computer. I was empressed even more because some of these children in the video were from India, and they were not even use to American language and technology. They were completley new to this technology, and they seemed to gradually teach themselves how to navigate it.
3. I believe that some of the conditions include the materials that are given to the students to help them understand and teach themselves. For example, just by placing the computer in the community for all the students to explore was an example of something that is necessary to teach themselves. If a computer had never been placed in the community, then the children may have never known or heard of a computer.
4. Computer and internet access play a huge role in the process. By being able to navigate the internet, the kids are about to explore so many things in the world. They are able to google and perform a research all by themselves. The computer also greatly improved some of their English and their understanding of different terms. The internet and computer help so many things, the internet is always improving and will only continue to help other countries.
5.Movitivation can make a student become something that they never were. It makes them want to learn so much. If a student has the motivation or interest in a matter than a desire to learn will occur.
6. Problems, questions, or multiple problems or questions can actually be good for the process of learning and motivation. If a problem or question arises then that means that a student will have to even dig deeper into the problem. They may have to perform research and so many things to solve the problems or answer the questions. By doing this, the students may learn so much more than to begin with. There motivation level may increase so much. Problems are great to get over obstacles.
7. You can motivate someone to want to learn in so many ways. Put the situation right in front of their face. Just like in the video, by placing those computers in the community, it made the students interested and want to learn more. That motivated those students to want to do so much. Always be there for the students and also show them how learning can be the greatest thing that could ever happen to a student.
8. I am motivated to learn by always wanting to stay up-to-date with technology and such. I have always wanted to learn all the new things out in the world. Motivation has always come farely easy for me, because I really do love school and learning the unknown.
9. I really think that this question has two sides. I feel that for the true understanding of a subject or matter, the student has to have motivation and the urge to learn that subject or matter. Everyone can learn something, even if it is something small, even if they really are not interested in it.
10. I teach myself quiet abit in this class, even though there are directions,  but one still has to perform the task alone. Sometimes when I get mad because I cannot figure out how to do something. Eventhough I get amd,  it is really good for you. Accomplishing something on your own, can be the greatest feeling in the world.
11. A teacher to me plays the majority of my learning. I have always felt that I make better grades and understand things better when I have a great teacher. An example of how a teacher always helps me is like take math for example. They have to show and help you work through every step.  By the teacher explaining and helping you understand everything, it makes me be able to fully understand it. Also teachers provide alot of motivation. All of my teachers have always encouraged me to always do my best. This kind of teacher can make you feel so good about yourself, which causes motivation in a learning process to occur.
12. After watching this video, it made me realize that every child can be motivated to learn a new divice. I guess I have never really opened my eyes to how there are children all over the world, that have never experienced certain technology in life. In the video, to see the children in India really having an interest to the computers and want to explore it kinda melts my heart. Every child has the motivation in some way to learn anything new.
13. As an aspiring teacher, I often want to know what the students in other countries are really taught? I mean I know that they are taught some what different because they speak a different language, but what subject matters are really focused in on in some countries. I often wonder if there is something in there school work, that may be benifical for our school system?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

PLN Process Post

image of Sterling's Symbaloo which serves as a link if you click it
I have enjoyed editing and working on my PLN. I developed my PLN through Symbaloo. I really liked using Symbaloo, because it has a very creative style to it. I liked how you could add different colors to each website you add. I added lots of things that I feel has helped me develop more knowledge about technology and such. I added Jamie Lynn's blogspot and Anthony's, because they have been very helpful to helping me understand more anout technology. I also added several classmates that have been very helpful, and we work together helping each other. I also added things such as facebook, because I honestly feel that it helps inform me about so many things. So far my PLN is going great!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blog Post 7

The number 7
Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

If you had one last lecture to give before you died what would it be and why. Have you ever really thought about that? At the beginning Randy made me realize to appreciate life. He has ten tumors in his liver and the doctors have given him three to six months of good health left. He used one of my favorite saying, "You can't change the cards that are dealt, we just have to play the hand." He began talking about his childhood, and how great his childhood really was. He said that in all the pictures he found of himself as a child, he was always smiling. You could tell that he has always loved and appreciated life, and even through his sickness he has never given up. He mentioned how he has many dreams as a child, which most every child does. He said he often dreamed about playing for the NFL, being Captain Kirk, being in zero gravitiy, winning stuffed animals, and being a Disney Imagineer. He then went into detail about each one of his dreams that he has always dreamed about. He mentioned that even though he had always dreamed about playing for the NFL, he said that not fulfilling that dream was good for him. He made the comment that he probably got more out of not fulfilling this dream, than he got out of some of the dreams that did come true. He told the story of how on his first day of football pratice with Coach Graham, that Coach Graham did not bring any footballs to football practice. He said that this really made him realize the fundamentals of this game, and it made him realize that fundamentals are the most important things. At the end of discussing his NFL dream, he made the comment that "Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." I find this comment very true, and you do not always get what you want in life but it makes you thankful for everything else.
Later on he started talking about his dream of meeting Captain Kirk, which I found very funny. He went on saying that Captain Kirk was not the smartest person on the ship, but he was the leader on the ship. Randy said that Captain Kirk made him realize that leadership can be so important, and that being smart isn't always what matters most. Of course he said he also liked Captain Kirk's toys haha. This dream of his came true. He said it was great, because not only did his dream come true but he wanted to know what cool things Randy was doing in his lab. He later on in life became a day-a-week consultant for imagineering for Disney. He did this for about ten years. He consultanted things like Disney Quest. So that included things like the Virtual Jungle Cruise. His childhood dreams were great, but how could he enable the childhood dreams of others?
He said that being a professor was a great place to enable childhood dreams. He had a student who had a childhood dream of working on the next Star Wars film. Tommy, the student that wanted this dream, did finally get to work on all three of those films. Randy then started explaining how he created a course called Building Virtual Worlds. In this course there were 50 students drawn from all the different departments of the university. They were randomly chosen teams, four people per team. In this course they did differnt projects. This course became a big hit. People from all over the departments were wanting to get involved with this course. He said that the students would get so excited about putting on a production and they loved the audience reations. He taught this course for over ten years, and I could tell by the tone in his voice that he absolutely loved every part of it.
They then created the Dream Fulfillment Factory. He did this program with Don Martin, and his was also a big hit. He explained how it was probably successful because Randy and Don were so different, but I guess two different minds work great together. The ETC (Entertainment Technology Center) was wonderful because of both these men. Carnegie Mellon University was a great place that was producing so many great ideas and programs to help students really fulfill their dreams.
Lessons learned was the last part of this video that was discussed. He went on to say that there has to be some aspect that lets you achieve these dreams. He began by saying that parents and mentors are a huge part of helping a dream come true. I honestly believe that too! Never give up is what he said, and I truely believe that he has never given up. This video was great. I honestly loved watching it, it made me realize to never give up on your hopes and dreams because you never know what will happen. Always be thankful for what God gave you. Always lead your life the right way!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blog Post 6

The Networked Student by: Wendy Dexter
      This video amazed me in several ways. I never really looked at a "networked student" in this way. In the video it showed how a real student has a class that the majority of the class work is more online than a lecture style classroom. He has no textbook for the class, and does alot of the work online. With all this stated, it does bring up the question, "Why does a networking student even have to have a teacher." It brings up the issue in many ways, and lots of people have all different opinions on this issue. In today's society a networking student is becoming more and more important, but should the teacher really be abolished?
       After watching this video, it showed me that even a lot of my classes are considered a hybrid class. Which means it basically is online, so therefore it is very similar. I mean even doing research for a paper or googling a question about a subject matter is very similar. Eventhough you may looks up somethings on the internet or have a homework assignment online, there is still a teacher there to help. A teacher is always there for guidance, and in my opinion that is always helpful to have.
      After saying all this, I still believe that a teacher is still very important in a class setting. I feel that a teacher should always be needed. Teachers are so important in so many ways. Teachers can provide help with a subject or even be there for moral support on a particular issue. Teachers have always been the key to succeeding in the world, and I still strongly believe that. Yes, a networking class is great for letting a student explore on his or her own self, getting to explore the internet and its many tools, and even connecting with people all over the world. At the same time, a student will always need help at some point and a teacher is the answer to that problem.
Picture of a networking student        
The 7th Graders PLE
In this particular video, this 7th grader is using this technology to help her in her science class. In the video, she mentioned how she first researched how to search the web and discover how to look up different subjects, she then told us how she organized all of her material by using Google Docs. She mentioned how this always had her prepared for class, and every morning when she came in she always knew what to work on next. I feel that this will really help prepare her for her future education. This not only helps her fully understand science more, but she is also learning so much about technology. Her PLE is alot like mine, because I use some of the same programs to help organize and further my education in technology. I feel that she is doing a great job, and it will really help her in the future.

Michael Wesch: The Machine is Changing Us
To begin, this college setting seemed alot different than mine. I have never had a class that big, and never really had a professor like that. As I watched this video, I found it very interesting to really listen to what he had to say. I also realized that alot of the things that he stated contradicted themselves, because there is not just one solid answer to every issue. He showed you that technology is constantly on the rise and always will be. It shows you that there are alot of questions if technology is good or bad, but no one at the moment can fully answer every question.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Teacher # 2 Summary

The second teacher I was assigned to was Caren Carrillo. I first watched a video about Multiple Intelligences. This video showed me how important it is to incorporate the multiple intelligence theory into the classroom. It discussed the verbal intelligences, logical intelligences, visual intelligences, kinestnetic intelligences, musical intelligences,  interpersonal intelligences, and natural intelligences. Each one of these intelligences can be defined by technology. I stated in the blog that I really enjoyed watching this video, and I believe that incorporating this theory into the classroom is great for every student. I believe that every student has a different way of learning things, and each student should get the opportunity too.

In the second post, Caren Carrillo discussed how facebook is where homework should be done. In her blog post, she discussed how facebook is where the students always are. She said that she tried all sorts of ways to get her students to do homework but nothing really worked. So she said she decided to make a facebook page of her class, and she said she noticed that the majority of the class "liked" it on facebook. She said by using facebook to do homework, she saw a great deal of improvement in students actually doing homework. I thought that this was very interesting to hear, because she is right. Facebook is where the majority of the students always are. I feel that as a student I might would even do my homework more if I could do it through facebook. I thought this blog post was excellent and I really enjoyed reading it.
Picture of facebook logo

C4K Summary # 1

Picture of Students holding hands around the globe

My first student that I commented on attends Noel Elementary School. His name is Noah, and I commented on his about me. He has a huge family, with six brothers and sisters. He mentioned how he only lived with his mother and step-father though. He lives right on the Elk River and he recently moved to Missouri. In my response back to him, I told him how I thought it was great that he is from such a big family. I stated that I only have one sister but would love to have a brother or another sister. I asked if he liked living by the Elk River, and if that brought fun activites.
On the second part I still had the same student Noah, I commented on his Manifesto assignment. My student's Manifesto discussed how if he first meets a new person, then he first groups that person into a group that he thinks that he or she would fit into according to their looks. He also kinda said that if that person isn't really like him he may not talk to them really. In my comment back, I told him that what really matters with people is who they are on the inside not their outer appearance. I told him not to feel bad for judging people by the way they look or act, because everyone is guilty of that in some way. I said just try to look at the inside of people more, and to try and make a connection with them. I said making a connection may be the best thing, that person may end up becoming your best friend.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blog Post 5!!!

The Benifits of Podcasting

I didnt realize how much people watch tv, send text messages, or just play on the computer. So I agree that anybody born after 1980 should be more up-to-date with technology more than anyone else. This video made me realize how a podcast can be a review for students and make it to where they can listen to it later as a review. Also the podcast can be student oriented so they can make the podcast themselves. I like how the podcast is very different and may be something that they have never done before. So it will bring about a challenge and learning experience. This podcast is great if a student is out sick. If a student is sick, then the teacher can post that day's lecture to a blog post by using a podcast. That away everyone wins. The student gets the material and no one gets sick. Also with a podcast, a teacher may put the discussions online. So therefore, the student and his or her parents will always know what is going on inside the classroom. This can be very exciting for the students, and it will change up the normal daily routine in the classroom. The more I read and watch all the good benifits of the podcast, the more I realize that there are tons of good things brought from a podcast. I have learned that in my podcast, I want to incorporate creative side of this and show people that doing a podcast really is fun.

100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better

This particular website was really good. It shows how a simple thing such as an ipod can be such a learning device. I mean who would guess that sparknotes and all things for a podcast can be put on an ipod. I like how Smithsonian Global Sound lets you list to all the music styles all over the world. Googlenet will let you stay intuned to all the news all over the world. I mean all these programs are geared for everyone. You can learn spanish, have a Bible download area, they have great city guides and many other things. I think that this is a very good idea. I have always thought that an ipod should be used more for other purposes than just music. I hope to upload my ipod with such great things.

Judy Scharf Podcast Collection

This website really made me fully understand a podcast. It made me realize more of what a podcast does and why. Her tips really helped me understand more of what I need to do to really do a good job on the podcast project. The type of schedule steps while making a podcast was great and shows you what you need to do. She included somethings that I had no idea you had to do.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blog Post 4!!

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff by: Scott McLeod

 I really liked how Scott McLeod in this video used sarcasism to get his point across. In this video it really showed you how the internet can be so dangerous. It makes one realize that they really need to watch their children and students when they are using the internet. There are some really creepy people out in the world, that one must always be aware of. I realize all the dangers of using the internet, but at the same time there are dangers everywhere in the world. Yes, I agree that the internet can be a very dangerous place to be, but at the sametime everywhere you go there can be danger. I googled Scott McLeod, and found out he is the Associate Professor of Educational Administration at Iowa State University and the Director of the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE). I also found out that he is the creator of the videos Did You Know? He has his own blog spot, and he is constantly uploading videos and pictures and such.

The ischool Initiative

This Georgia high school student did an excellent job with this video. He started out talking about how budget cuts were being made in the classroom, how teachers were being let go,  but how classrooms are always getting bigger. This is becoming a problem. He came up with the idea of making up an ischool (based of the iphone), in the ischool he would make technology fit into the ischool similar to apps. He said to imagine a school with no textbooks, no pencils, paper, and no expensive machines. He thinks that this would help improve the school. He said that one of the most important apps would be through email, this way students, teachers, and parents can all keep up with important due dates and assignments. He came up with ideas such as chemistry touch, U.S. constitution, world wiki, USA presidents, star walk, formulae, recorder, scientific calculator, notes application, calendar, and many others. Eventhough I think is a neat idea, I do not think that this is the thing that a school needs. Yes, I agree that the expenses would extremly be decreased, but I do not believe that it is the best thing for a student. I think that a student would abuse the uses of this ischool. Most students would turn this ischool into a game. I think that more students would abuse it than really use it. I see how he made a really good point how it would reduce the expenses, but I do not believe that it would provide the best education for the students.

Watch the Lost Generation

I thought that this particular video was very good. I do believe that sometimes our generation is very different, and it is not like it use to be. There is so much divorce now, and sometimes I look around and realize that so many people do not care about the world and the people in it. I liked how this video reversed itself. I do believe that there is hope. There is hope in the world that divorce will not be so high, and that people may start caring more. This was an excellent video. I belive that this video was made my AARP using a podcast, since she was talking through the screen.

Eric Whitaker's Virtual Choir

I found this particular way to use the internet was very interesting, I have never seen anything done like this. I found it very interesting how people all over the United States and the world can connect to each other and sing in the same choir. It was very interesting to see how there were so many different kinds of people participating. I thought that this particular use of the internet was very interesting to watch. I really liked it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Additional Assignment #1

I did several google squared questions myself. I really like google squared because it does form charts for you. I first google squared the number of islands and it pulled up over twenty different islands that told the description, area, population, and color of each island. My second google squared search was the number of mountains and it pulled up eighteen items with the description, location, and height of each mountain. On Wolfram Alpha, I searched Haiti and Aruba. When I searched these, the full name popped up, full native names, internet code, and many other things popped up.
4. A. I feel that the educational implications of this google squared is the massive amounts of information it gives you. I think that it is much different than the regular google, because everything is in a chart and you specifically know what you are looking at. It compares everything and gives you a running count of all things. It shows you more than just one specific statistic. it describes more in depth on each matter being researched.
B.The educational importance of Wolfram Alpha is alot like Google Squared. It really explains a statistic more in depth. It gives more about a place or fact being researched more than the actual google site. It simplies the search in one time. It gives all the major facts, and at the same time makes it easier to compare to another place or fact.

C. and D.I did not know about Google Squared or Wolfram before this assignment.

E.After rereading my comments under "Did you Know", yes some of my thoughts do change. I feel that this showed me so much more about the size of different countries. It showe you how the United States are four times more the size of other developing countries such as India and China. That means that 25% of all the people in India and China out number all the people in the United States.
F. This particular excersise made me realize that you have to really think what a statistic really means, do not jump to a conclusion so fast after hearing a statistice, and that a number in a statistic can mean so many things. For example, the number of people in India can show you that it is four times the size of the United States population.
Picture of the Island

I think that The Food for Thought article, really shows how easy it is to use an Ipad and how it can meet the needs of a six year old to an adult.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Teacher Comment 1 summary

Picture of the school house

I was given For the Love of Learning click here to check my teacher out. In the first blog he showed a video of Obama speaking against No Child Left Behind. During this video Obama was saying how No Child Left Behind has caused more problems than there were to start with. In my response back I basically stated that education is the most important things for a child's future. I feel that in the video that Obama is in some way correct. The program No Child Left Behind has caused more problems, but at the same time the programs the at Obama are wanting to start are not the solution we need either. No Child Left Behind started out really strong, but it kinda got out of hand. In the second post, it was an article on grading moratorium. This particular teacher stopped all grades. He did not believe in grades anymore. He said that he felt that by stopping grades that he can make a student find a passion for what they really love. I said that I as a teacher will not count any grades, but maybe he will make students have a passion for what they really want.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blog Post # 3

Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today

Every statement that was expressed is true for someone somewhere. Some pay for college, while others have parents who help them, some come to class on a regular basis, while others never attend, some will make an A, while others will fail. The list could go on an on, but it shows every college student faces one if not more of these facts. I normally have a class size of thirty, I also have some classes that some material will never help me, I attend class, and many other things. Some of the situations listed I have faced, while others I have not. Every college student has some classes that are not relevent or some classes that always requires online work. At the same time technology has pros and cons. Technology can be bad in the classroom, because if a student brings his/her laptop to the classroom, they may not be paying attention at all. At the same time laptops in a classroom could help bring info inside the classroom.

"It's Not About the Technology" by: Kelly Hines

I LOVED what Kelly Hines had to say in her blog post. I loved how she said, "She didn't think ipods, blogs, wikis, and podcasts should always be the new change." I love blogging and always being able to connect to the internet so quickly, be we can not get so caught up in society we forgot what teachers are really meant to do. Her four points for teachers were great to me. It makes me want to be a great teacher in the future. I totally agree that teachers must be learners and that learning and teaching are not the samething. I agree that if the students have not learned anything, then no teaching existed. I love the statement, "The 21st century is going to be about working smarter and not harder. I agree that technology is useless without teaching. I do feel in schools that computers are just being used as a game and such. If a teacher uses technology, then as a teacher you have to make sure your teaching the students and making sure they fully understand.

Karl Fisch: Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?

I agree I do believe that educators should achieve a basic level of education. I do not believe that every teacher should be extremely technologically brilliant, but yes they should have the basic ideas. Each teacher should be able to fully work the internet, understand the internet, and know how education is important to students. Principals or people responsible should beware of each teacher's abilities before hiring them. In today's society, being technological illiterate is not ok.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

This site really amazed me. I knew that each second everything changes and technology is always advancing, but I did not realize it was that fast. As a teacher, it means even in two years when I have graduated and I will be looking for a job, things could be different. Maybe principals will hire someone quicker who has had more computer classes or who seems to be more advanced with technology. Who knows? I feel that gradually everything will become more and more technological based. I like technology, but at the same time I do not want to much technology.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blog Post # 2

Did you Know 3.0 by: Karl Fisch

This particular movie really opened my eyes to several issues. I was first thinking when this video started, oh great a bunch of facts. What I did not know until after watching this video several times is that this video shows so many things. I mean who would guess that "China will soon be the number one speaking country in the world" or that " the top-ten demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004". Those two statements can always show us how our world is always changing and always developing new ideas. It also mentioned how "20 million are registered users of myspace". This world is very technological based now. Each year, month, or even day someone is working on a new technological device. At the end it tells how over the course of this "4 minute and 56 second video over 67 babies were in the United States alone". Can you imagine what our universe is going to be like in ten or even fifty years? It all means that we are constantly growing and developing new technology everywhere in the world in someway. It is expecially important for teachers to beable to keep up with the  growing technology, because it is their jobs to show there students the lastest technology.

Mr. Winkle Wakes by: Mathew Needleman

 I felt this particular 2 minute and 51 second movie was short but brought up many important issues. I feel the  main purpose of this video is to question: should teaching skills still be performed the sameway that even Mr. Winkle remembers a hundred years ago. If technology is growing and progressing all the time, should teaching skills in the classroom progress as well? In my opinion, teachers should use more technology in the classrooms to keep up with today's society. If Mr. Winkles recalls the classroom still being the same after one hundred years, then some changes should be made. Maybe classes should still have lecture time like the old days, but also incorporate some technology uses such as smartboards and laptops inside the classroom. These students being taught today will one day have to function in this technology driven world.

Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity

I found this video to be excellent, and he made several greats points. He is right, every child does have some form of creativity and hidden talents they may not know exist. Each child should find that creativity, and schools should encourage this. I do feel that the basic subjects should always be taught first, because those particular  skills should always be taught. At the same time, I think each school should set aside more time to work on the arts and each child's creativity. As a teacher, I would love the feeling of knowing that I helped a child discover a creative trait. As he said, no one knows what the  future will look like. As far as we know twenty years down the road the arts and creativity may be the main focus in life. So prepare students now, because the students today are the future.

Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

Technology is now the main connection between continents and  many other places. It opens your eyes to how someone in Georgia can communicate with someone on the other side of the world. Technology can do so much these days. Not  only can technology do tons of tasks it can also change you mentally. By communicating with people all over the world, it opens your eyes to many different beliefs and traditions. It can make one realize that everyone is different and always will be. It also helps students to explore and discover many new meanings through the internet.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Life of Sterling Strom

Picture of my cousin and I
Picture of my family
Picture of Auburn Stadium
Hey!!! I am Sterling Strom and twenty years old. I am currently attending the University of South Alabama. I chose the University of South Alabama, because it is so much closer to home than some universities. I transfered from Alabama Southern Community College in my hometown of Monroeville, Alabama. I am currently majoring in Elementary Education, and very excited about my future. I have always wanted to be a teacher, because it is in my blood. haha My mother and both of my aunt are teachers, it is what I have been around all of my life. My goal is to at least get the feeling that I have helped a child develop some better learning abilities. All of my family are HUGE Auburn fans, but I broke the mold and decided to come to Mobile. Both of my parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all went to Auburn, so it was a huge step for me to be the strange one out of the group. I am realizing that I have made the BEST choice. I have taken dance for about fifteen years from Applause Dance Studio in Monroeville, Alabama. I loved every minute of it. Every chance I get, I want to be dancing! My favorite colors are hot pink and yellow. I love to laugh and believe that laughter is common cure to many things. I love to shop and spent time with my family and friends! I cannot wait to hear from my other classmates! :)