Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Additional Assignment #1

I did several google squared questions myself. I really like google squared because it does form charts for you. I first google squared the number of islands and it pulled up over twenty different islands that told the description, area, population, and color of each island. My second google squared search was the number of mountains and it pulled up eighteen items with the description, location, and height of each mountain. On Wolfram Alpha, I searched Haiti and Aruba. When I searched these, the full name popped up, full native names, internet code, and many other things popped up.
4. A. I feel that the educational implications of this google squared is the massive amounts of information it gives you. I think that it is much different than the regular google, because everything is in a chart and you specifically know what you are looking at. It compares everything and gives you a running count of all things. It shows you more than just one specific statistic. it describes more in depth on each matter being researched.
B.The educational importance of Wolfram Alpha is alot like Google Squared. It really explains a statistic more in depth. It gives more about a place or fact being researched more than the actual google site. It simplies the search in one time. It gives all the major facts, and at the same time makes it easier to compare to another place or fact.

C. and D.I did not know about Google Squared or Wolfram before this assignment.

E.After rereading my comments under "Did you Know", yes some of my thoughts do change. I feel that this showed me so much more about the size of different countries. It showe you how the United States are four times more the size of other developing countries such as India and China. That means that 25% of all the people in India and China out number all the people in the United States.
F. This particular excersise made me realize that you have to really think what a statistic really means, do not jump to a conclusion so fast after hearing a statistice, and that a number in a statistic can mean so many things. For example, the number of people in India can show you that it is four times the size of the United States population.
Picture of the Island

I think that The Food for Thought article, really shows how easy it is to use an Ipad and how it can meet the needs of a six year old to an adult.

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