Tuesday, September 28, 2010

C4K Summary # 1

Picture of Students holding hands around the globe

My first student that I commented on attends Noel Elementary School. His name is Noah, and I commented on his about me. He has a huge family, with six brothers and sisters. He mentioned how he only lived with his mother and step-father though. He lives right on the Elk River and he recently moved to Missouri. In my response back to him, I told him how I thought it was great that he is from such a big family. I stated that I only have one sister but would love to have a brother or another sister. I asked if he liked living by the Elk River, and if that brought fun activites.
On the second part I still had the same student Noah, I commented on his Manifesto assignment. My student's Manifesto discussed how if he first meets a new person, then he first groups that person into a group that he thinks that he or she would fit into according to their looks. He also kinda said that if that person isn't really like him he may not talk to them really. In my comment back, I told him that what really matters with people is who they are on the inside not their outer appearance. I told him not to feel bad for judging people by the way they look or act, because everyone is guilty of that in some way. I said just try to look at the inside of people more, and to try and make a connection with them. I said making a connection may be the best thing, that person may end up becoming your best friend.

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