Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blog Post 4!!

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff by: Scott McLeod

 I really liked how Scott McLeod in this video used sarcasism to get his point across. In this video it really showed you how the internet can be so dangerous. It makes one realize that they really need to watch their children and students when they are using the internet. There are some really creepy people out in the world, that one must always be aware of. I realize all the dangers of using the internet, but at the same time there are dangers everywhere in the world. Yes, I agree that the internet can be a very dangerous place to be, but at the sametime everywhere you go there can be danger. I googled Scott McLeod, and found out he is the Associate Professor of Educational Administration at Iowa State University and the Director of the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE). I also found out that he is the creator of the videos Did You Know? He has his own blog spot, and he is constantly uploading videos and pictures and such.

The ischool Initiative

This Georgia high school student did an excellent job with this video. He started out talking about how budget cuts were being made in the classroom, how teachers were being let go,  but how classrooms are always getting bigger. This is becoming a problem. He came up with the idea of making up an ischool (based of the iphone), in the ischool he would make technology fit into the ischool similar to apps. He said to imagine a school with no textbooks, no pencils, paper, and no expensive machines. He thinks that this would help improve the school. He said that one of the most important apps would be through email, this way students, teachers, and parents can all keep up with important due dates and assignments. He came up with ideas such as chemistry touch, U.S. constitution, world wiki, USA presidents, star walk, formulae, recorder, scientific calculator, notes application, calendar, and many others. Eventhough I think is a neat idea, I do not think that this is the thing that a school needs. Yes, I agree that the expenses would extremly be decreased, but I do not believe that it is the best thing for a student. I think that a student would abuse the uses of this ischool. Most students would turn this ischool into a game. I think that more students would abuse it than really use it. I see how he made a really good point how it would reduce the expenses, but I do not believe that it would provide the best education for the students.

Watch the Lost Generation

I thought that this particular video was very good. I do believe that sometimes our generation is very different, and it is not like it use to be. There is so much divorce now, and sometimes I look around and realize that so many people do not care about the world and the people in it. I liked how this video reversed itself. I do believe that there is hope. There is hope in the world that divorce will not be so high, and that people may start caring more. This was an excellent video. I belive that this video was made my AARP using a podcast, since she was talking through the screen.

Eric Whitaker's Virtual Choir

I found this particular way to use the internet was very interesting, I have never seen anything done like this. I found it very interesting how people all over the United States and the world can connect to each other and sing in the same choir. It was very interesting to see how there were so many different kinds of people participating. I thought that this particular use of the internet was very interesting to watch. I really liked it.

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  1. Good post Sterling. I also think the Lost Generation contains a message of hope. I personally don't think one generation or another makes the difference, I think it is simply a matter of change. The reasons one generation might have the attitude it does could be because of accomplishments or mistakes of previous generations. But like the author, no matter what anyone says or does we still have the choice to change.

    Your blog is looking good. Your title should read, "STerling Storm's EDM 310 Class BLog". Be sure and proof read before posting. SS