Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Teacher # 2 Summary

The second teacher I was assigned to was Caren Carrillo. I first watched a video about Multiple Intelligences. This video showed me how important it is to incorporate the multiple intelligence theory into the classroom. It discussed the verbal intelligences, logical intelligences, visual intelligences, kinestnetic intelligences, musical intelligences,  interpersonal intelligences, and natural intelligences. Each one of these intelligences can be defined by technology. I stated in the blog that I really enjoyed watching this video, and I believe that incorporating this theory into the classroom is great for every student. I believe that every student has a different way of learning things, and each student should get the opportunity too.

In the second post, Caren Carrillo discussed how facebook is where homework should be done. In her blog post, she discussed how facebook is where the students always are. She said that she tried all sorts of ways to get her students to do homework but nothing really worked. So she said she decided to make a facebook page of her class, and she said she noticed that the majority of the class "liked" it on facebook. She said by using facebook to do homework, she saw a great deal of improvement in students actually doing homework. I thought that this was very interesting to hear, because she is right. Facebook is where the majority of the students always are. I feel that as a student I might would even do my homework more if I could do it through facebook. I thought this blog post was excellent and I really enjoyed reading it.
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