Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blog Post 5!!!

The Benifits of Podcasting

I didnt realize how much people watch tv, send text messages, or just play on the computer. So I agree that anybody born after 1980 should be more up-to-date with technology more than anyone else. This video made me realize how a podcast can be a review for students and make it to where they can listen to it later as a review. Also the podcast can be student oriented so they can make the podcast themselves. I like how the podcast is very different and may be something that they have never done before. So it will bring about a challenge and learning experience. This podcast is great if a student is out sick. If a student is sick, then the teacher can post that day's lecture to a blog post by using a podcast. That away everyone wins. The student gets the material and no one gets sick. Also with a podcast, a teacher may put the discussions online. So therefore, the student and his or her parents will always know what is going on inside the classroom. This can be very exciting for the students, and it will change up the normal daily routine in the classroom. The more I read and watch all the good benifits of the podcast, the more I realize that there are tons of good things brought from a podcast. I have learned that in my podcast, I want to incorporate creative side of this and show people that doing a podcast really is fun.

100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better

This particular website was really good. It shows how a simple thing such as an ipod can be such a learning device. I mean who would guess that sparknotes and all things for a podcast can be put on an ipod. I like how Smithsonian Global Sound lets you list to all the music styles all over the world. Googlenet will let you stay intuned to all the news all over the world. I mean all these programs are geared for everyone. You can learn spanish, have a Bible download area, they have great city guides and many other things. I think that this is a very good idea. I have always thought that an ipod should be used more for other purposes than just music. I hope to upload my ipod with such great things.

Judy Scharf Podcast Collection

This website really made me fully understand a podcast. It made me realize more of what a podcast does and why. Her tips really helped me understand more of what I need to do to really do a good job on the podcast project. The type of schedule steps while making a podcast was great and shows you what you need to do. She included somethings that I had no idea you had to do.

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  1. Now how do you feel about Travis Allen's iSchool. The iPod discussions should have increased your appreciation for his suggestion. Speaking of Travis Allen, he read Allie Howell's blog and watched her iPad video. As a result he is trying to arrange a visit to EDM310 by his iSchool staff. I'll keep the class posted.