Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blog Post # 2

Did you Know 3.0 by: Karl Fisch

This particular movie really opened my eyes to several issues. I was first thinking when this video started, oh great a bunch of facts. What I did not know until after watching this video several times is that this video shows so many things. I mean who would guess that "China will soon be the number one speaking country in the world" or that " the top-ten demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004". Those two statements can always show us how our world is always changing and always developing new ideas. It also mentioned how "20 million are registered users of myspace". This world is very technological based now. Each year, month, or even day someone is working on a new technological device. At the end it tells how over the course of this "4 minute and 56 second video over 67 babies were in the United States alone". Can you imagine what our universe is going to be like in ten or even fifty years? It all means that we are constantly growing and developing new technology everywhere in the world in someway. It is expecially important for teachers to beable to keep up with the  growing technology, because it is their jobs to show there students the lastest technology.

Mr. Winkle Wakes by: Mathew Needleman

 I felt this particular 2 minute and 51 second movie was short but brought up many important issues. I feel the  main purpose of this video is to question: should teaching skills still be performed the sameway that even Mr. Winkle remembers a hundred years ago. If technology is growing and progressing all the time, should teaching skills in the classroom progress as well? In my opinion, teachers should use more technology in the classrooms to keep up with today's society. If Mr. Winkles recalls the classroom still being the same after one hundred years, then some changes should be made. Maybe classes should still have lecture time like the old days, but also incorporate some technology uses such as smartboards and laptops inside the classroom. These students being taught today will one day have to function in this technology driven world.

Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity

I found this video to be excellent, and he made several greats points. He is right, every child does have some form of creativity and hidden talents they may not know exist. Each child should find that creativity, and schools should encourage this. I do feel that the basic subjects should always be taught first, because those particular  skills should always be taught. At the same time, I think each school should set aside more time to work on the arts and each child's creativity. As a teacher, I would love the feeling of knowing that I helped a child discover a creative trait. As he said, no one knows what the  future will look like. As far as we know twenty years down the road the arts and creativity may be the main focus in life. So prepare students now, because the students today are the future.

Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

Technology is now the main connection between continents and  many other places. It opens your eyes to how someone in Georgia can communicate with someone on the other side of the world. Technology can do so much these days. Not  only can technology do tons of tasks it can also change you mentally. By communicating with people all over the world, it opens your eyes to many different beliefs and traditions. It can make one realize that everyone is different and always will be. It also helps students to explore and discover many new meanings through the internet.

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  1. Good observations Sterling!

    I think it is important that we examine our perspective on teaching and learning in general. You made the statement, "Maybe classes should still have lecture time like the old days, but also incorporate some technology uses such as smartboards and laptops inside the classroom. " But, I think it is a matter of being student centered or teacher centered. When you look at what will work best for the students, the use of the best tools you can find (technology) seems like an automatic.

    Your blog is looking good. Don't forget to proof read before posting. Also, your blog title should be: "Sterling Storm's EDM 310 Class Blog". Otherwise, keep up the good work. SS