Thursday, September 9, 2010

Teacher Comment 1 summary

Picture of the school house

I was given For the Love of Learning click here to check my teacher out. In the first blog he showed a video of Obama speaking against No Child Left Behind. During this video Obama was saying how No Child Left Behind has caused more problems than there were to start with. In my response back I basically stated that education is the most important things for a child's future. I feel that in the video that Obama is in some way correct. The program No Child Left Behind has caused more problems, but at the same time the programs the at Obama are wanting to start are not the solution we need either. No Child Left Behind started out really strong, but it kinda got out of hand. In the second post, it was an article on grading moratorium. This particular teacher stopped all grades. He did not believe in grades anymore. He said that he felt that by stopping grades that he can make a student find a passion for what they really love. I said that I as a teacher will not count any grades, but maybe he will make students have a passion for what they really want.

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