Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blog Post 6

The Networked Student by: Wendy Dexter
      This video amazed me in several ways. I never really looked at a "networked student" in this way. In the video it showed how a real student has a class that the majority of the class work is more online than a lecture style classroom. He has no textbook for the class, and does alot of the work online. With all this stated, it does bring up the question, "Why does a networking student even have to have a teacher." It brings up the issue in many ways, and lots of people have all different opinions on this issue. In today's society a networking student is becoming more and more important, but should the teacher really be abolished?
       After watching this video, it showed me that even a lot of my classes are considered a hybrid class. Which means it basically is online, so therefore it is very similar. I mean even doing research for a paper or googling a question about a subject matter is very similar. Eventhough you may looks up somethings on the internet or have a homework assignment online, there is still a teacher there to help. A teacher is always there for guidance, and in my opinion that is always helpful to have.
      After saying all this, I still believe that a teacher is still very important in a class setting. I feel that a teacher should always be needed. Teachers are so important in so many ways. Teachers can provide help with a subject or even be there for moral support on a particular issue. Teachers have always been the key to succeeding in the world, and I still strongly believe that. Yes, a networking class is great for letting a student explore on his or her own self, getting to explore the internet and its many tools, and even connecting with people all over the world. At the same time, a student will always need help at some point and a teacher is the answer to that problem.
Picture of a networking student        
The 7th Graders PLE
In this particular video, this 7th grader is using this technology to help her in her science class. In the video, she mentioned how she first researched how to search the web and discover how to look up different subjects, she then told us how she organized all of her material by using Google Docs. She mentioned how this always had her prepared for class, and every morning when she came in she always knew what to work on next. I feel that this will really help prepare her for her future education. This not only helps her fully understand science more, but she is also learning so much about technology. Her PLE is alot like mine, because I use some of the same programs to help organize and further my education in technology. I feel that she is doing a great job, and it will really help her in the future.

Michael Wesch: The Machine is Changing Us
To begin, this college setting seemed alot different than mine. I have never had a class that big, and never really had a professor like that. As I watched this video, I found it very interesting to really listen to what he had to say. I also realized that alot of the things that he stated contradicted themselves, because there is not just one solid answer to every issue. He showed you that technology is constantly on the rise and always will be. It shows you that there are alot of questions if technology is good or bad, but no one at the moment can fully answer every question.


  1. I completely agree with your post here. Most of my reactions were a lot like yours. You are so right in stating that the 7th graders PLE was helping her learn so much more about technology. Every morning she knew what she was suppose to be doing, and no one had to tell her.
    I also enjoyed the networked student. I just thought that the way they put it together with just some cut out pictures was pretty cool. Just goes to show, that using technology does not always have to be so complicated.

  2. Great post Sterling!

    This seventh grader is impressive. She is a good example of a future that is a lot closer than most think. We are all a part of the evolutionary process of education. Today we have new tools and so we use them to provide students the best education we can. Tomorrow the tools will be new again and we want you to be ready to go with the flow and have the right attitude to continue learning and keep your students on the cutting edge of what will give them the best opportunities to succeed. SS