Sunday, December 5, 2010

Summary C4K November and December!

Picture of the children laughinh
C4K #8 due 11/7
This kid comment came from the blog "Little Voices, Little Scholars". In the blog post, the child showed a picture of what his mother has cooked him for supper. He thought his supper was great, so he thought he would show everyone a picture describing it. I commented back by saying that his picture looked great, and I am sure his mother is a great cook.

C4K #9 due 11/14

This comment was on the classblog "Good Things Come in Small Packages". I was given the Blog "Garden". In this particular blogpost, they talked about how they were growing a spring garden. In this blog post, they mentioned how they were growing all sorts of things from strawberries to spinach. I commented back and said that I wish I could come see their garden. I said that I bet they are doing a great job. Keep up the great work.

C4K # 10 due 11/ 21In this blog post, it was from the blogspot of Mrs. Clonlin's class. It was their Flat Stanley project. In these blog post they tell where the Flat Stanley and where they are going. Mine was going to Florida. In the comment back I told them to have fun and be careful!

C4K #11 due 12/5In this comment, we all commented on Yasmine's blog post. In the one that I read she had a piture of a horse. On the blog post though the picture was not visible to the students. It must have been messed up. She described through the piture how much she loved horses. I commented back by saying, that eventhough there wasn't a picture, I could tell how much she loved horses. I also told her how much I loved horses and to keep up the great work.

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