Sunday, December 5, 2010

C4T # 4 Summary!

On my fourth teacher, I was given "What Ed Said". In the first blog post, it talked about how students from all over the world were connecting through music. It talked how students from India and Australia were connecting to the music of Skakira. They mentioned how this helped students connect from all over the world to the same things. I commented by by saying how great it was that students from two different sides of the world can have the same interest. I said this can show children, that all children have the same interest. I really enjoyed this blog post, it was great
On the second blog post, he talked about his PLN. He mentioned how blogging and all the global connections were great. It talked about following his passions with technology. In my comment back, I said that blogging has helped me understand the global technology more. I said that blogging has made it to where I can connect with people all over the world. This class has really opened my eyes to how much the internet can help you interact with world. It was a great blog post.

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