Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blog Post 9!!!!!

What I've Learned This Year

Picture of Do's and Dont's

I really enjoyed reading this post. It made me focus my attention more on what a teacher is expected to do. I also realized that being a teacher is not about you as the teacher, it is about the students and what they have learned. I realized in this post that when being a teacher you must be flexible. As a teacher you will have to break some of your habits and go with the flow. Also in all kinds of jobs, communication is the key to having an enjoyable work place. Also when you are a teacher, your students watch your every move. So, everything you do and participate in should be reasonsible, because you are these students role models. When you are a teacher, you must always listen to the students. After all, they are the voice of the future. As a teacher, do not be afraid of technology. Do not be afraid of new ideas. The most important thing is never stop learning. Just because you are a teacher with a degree does not mean that your brain is completly full of knowledge. Everyone can always learn something more in life. I really enjoyed reading this, and I hope when I become a teacher that I can successfully perform all the Do's and stay away from all the Don'ts.


  1. Hello I read through your post and I agree that being a teacher isn't all about you as the teacher it's more about the student. Students all learn in different ways and we as teachers need to be able to help teach students is the best way possible for the whole class to understand.

  2. Excellent post Sterling!

    I agree, being flexible and able to go with the flow is vital to good teaching and learning. Nothing on this world is perfect and we should not expect perfection. In my experience even though lessons may not go as planned often times they turn out better. If there is no opportunity for mistakes then there is no opportunity to learn something new. SS