Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blog Post 10!!!

Morgan Bayda

In this video, it really stressed how pointless somethings can be in classroom. For example, sitting in a classroom for hours of just pure lecturing can be so boring. The students will just be trying to stay awake instead of actually paying attention to the lecture. This is exactly true, I hating sitting in a classroom for hours just listening to a lecture. I feel that I leave the classroom knowing the same amount as when I walked in the classroom. Some schools need to take advantage of the new technology such as twitter, blogger, and skype to have a lecture. Some of the styles of teaching are still the same as they were one hundred years ago, and somethings need to change. I believe that, yes students do need to have a lecture time but at the sametime the teacher needs to interact with the students and technology more. Dan Brown did a great job of making the video. I do not believe that I would drop out of school, but his video had some great points.

Don't Let Them Take Home Pencils
Picture of Students playing with pencils
In this blog post, this teacher was told not to allow the students to take home their pencils. He was told that it could even lower test scores. This teacher only had test scores on her mind. Instead of just worrying about one thing, find a great way to turn something bad into something great. Just because the students are "playing" with the pencils does not mean the students are not learning anything. I really enjoyed reading this blog post.

Two Questions That Change Your Life

My Sentence: She always installed in her students each day with the feeling that they are all loved in a special way and everyone has something great about themselves no matter what.


  1. Why are lectures needed at all?

    If you substitute computers for pencils, what would you think? Was Mr. Johnson writing using a metaphor for computers?

  2. I agree that sitting through lectures can be very tedious and boring. Using technology in the classroom would greatly improve the quality of learning going on inside the classroom. Your sentence was great! That is a great way to see yourself as a teacher! Good luck!