Sunday, October 10, 2010

Additional Assignment # 2

The Child-driven Education

 Picture of children infront of computer

1. Yes, I do believe if a learner is motivated than they can most certainly teach themselves. I believe as the man stated in the video, "If there is an interest than education happens". I believe this is true and this applies to this question. I fill that having an interest in something can make someone want to learn more and more about which in my opinion brings motivation.
2. Yes, I also believe kids can teach themselves. For example in the video, all those children in India gradually taught themselves how to navigate a computer. I was empressed even more because some of these children in the video were from India, and they were not even use to American language and technology. They were completley new to this technology, and they seemed to gradually teach themselves how to navigate it.
3. I believe that some of the conditions include the materials that are given to the students to help them understand and teach themselves. For example, just by placing the computer in the community for all the students to explore was an example of something that is necessary to teach themselves. If a computer had never been placed in the community, then the children may have never known or heard of a computer.
4. Computer and internet access play a huge role in the process. By being able to navigate the internet, the kids are about to explore so many things in the world. They are able to google and perform a research all by themselves. The computer also greatly improved some of their English and their understanding of different terms. The internet and computer help so many things, the internet is always improving and will only continue to help other countries.
5.Movitivation can make a student become something that they never were. It makes them want to learn so much. If a student has the motivation or interest in a matter than a desire to learn will occur.
6. Problems, questions, or multiple problems or questions can actually be good for the process of learning and motivation. If a problem or question arises then that means that a student will have to even dig deeper into the problem. They may have to perform research and so many things to solve the problems or answer the questions. By doing this, the students may learn so much more than to begin with. There motivation level may increase so much. Problems are great to get over obstacles.
7. You can motivate someone to want to learn in so many ways. Put the situation right in front of their face. Just like in the video, by placing those computers in the community, it made the students interested and want to learn more. That motivated those students to want to do so much. Always be there for the students and also show them how learning can be the greatest thing that could ever happen to a student.
8. I am motivated to learn by always wanting to stay up-to-date with technology and such. I have always wanted to learn all the new things out in the world. Motivation has always come farely easy for me, because I really do love school and learning the unknown.
9. I really think that this question has two sides. I feel that for the true understanding of a subject or matter, the student has to have motivation and the urge to learn that subject or matter. Everyone can learn something, even if it is something small, even if they really are not interested in it.
10. I teach myself quiet abit in this class, even though there are directions,  but one still has to perform the task alone. Sometimes when I get mad because I cannot figure out how to do something. Eventhough I get amd,  it is really good for you. Accomplishing something on your own, can be the greatest feeling in the world.
11. A teacher to me plays the majority of my learning. I have always felt that I make better grades and understand things better when I have a great teacher. An example of how a teacher always helps me is like take math for example. They have to show and help you work through every step.  By the teacher explaining and helping you understand everything, it makes me be able to fully understand it. Also teachers provide alot of motivation. All of my teachers have always encouraged me to always do my best. This kind of teacher can make you feel so good about yourself, which causes motivation in a learning process to occur.
12. After watching this video, it made me realize that every child can be motivated to learn a new divice. I guess I have never really opened my eyes to how there are children all over the world, that have never experienced certain technology in life. In the video, to see the children in India really having an interest to the computers and want to explore it kinda melts my heart. Every child has the motivation in some way to learn anything new.
13. As an aspiring teacher, I often want to know what the students in other countries are really taught? I mean I know that they are taught some what different because they speak a different language, but what subject matters are really focused in on in some countries. I often wonder if there is something in there school work, that may be benifical for our school system?

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