Sunday, November 7, 2010

Summary Post for Kids

Picture of children
I was given Tarin's blog for my fourth child. On this particular blog spot, I commented on the article "The Fete". In this article, Tarin talked about her school having a school festival. In this blog post she talked about all the different activities they had and all her favorite activities that they had. She then talked about all these activies, and how in the activies differnt prizes were given out. I commented back by saying, that I loved when my school use to have a fall festival. They were so much fun. I mentioned how I liked some of the same rides that she did.
I was also told to comment on the blog post, "The Other Side of Learning". In this article, it talked about how school is so much more than just science, math, history, and reading. It is so much more than that. She sais school helps shape children into the adults they grow up to be. She stressed all the important factors of school. I commented on the blog, by saying that everything that was stated is completely right. School is so much more than just all the basic subjects. School helps shape who you are. It helps form all the basic social skills to interact with people. I really enjoyed this blog post.
My fifth student was AllisonK. In this blog post she talked about her English Cocker Spaniel. She talked about how loveable they are, and how she would never recommend another dog to someone. She told how she loved hers so much. I commented back by saying that, I had a English Coker Spaniel when I was young and it was the sweetest dog. I loved mine so much, and I wish that mine was still alive.
My sixth student was Lendsey P. In this blog post, it just said " I learned to count by 4's." This blog post was very short. I commented back by saying that counting by 4's is very great and it is great that he learned how to do it.
My seventh student was Ryan Rich. In this blog post he talked about his picture that he made of the USS Alabama. All the blog post said was how hard he had worked on it and it showed the picure of it. I commented back by saying that this picture was great and the USS Alabama has so many historical facts to it, and that it is great that he has an interest in it.

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