Wednesday, November 3, 2010

C4T # 3 Summary

Picture of the tubular wireless speakers
I was given "A Geeky Mommas Blog". In this blog post, she discussed how technology is very important, but what is going on inside the classroom is important as well. In this particular post, she mentioned how teachers should share imformation among each other and give each other ideas of what is going on inside their classrooms. I commented back by saying, "I thought that this was a great idea, because the classroom is the main action of what is going on inside a student's mind. I really enjoyed reading this blog post.
The second blog post that I commented on from "A Geeky Mommas Blog" was titled "Other IPEVO Products of Interest". In this blog post she spoke about how she got some new Tubular Wireless Speakers. She told us in her blog how to use them and how to follow the instructions to set them up. She mentioned how much she liked them and how she would suggest them to everyone. I commented back by saying how happy I was that she told us about them, because in EDM 310 we are always learning about new technology, and now I have something to tell about.

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