Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Analysis on Project 6!!!

1. On my first question I asked: "Can you walk on your hands?" Well of course the majority of everyone said NO, because it is not a natural thing for most people to walk on their hands. It almost has to be a talent for you to walk on your hands.
2. In the second question, I asked: "What is your favorite kind of pie?" To be honest there was really a tie between all of the three. It shows that most people in this class love key lime, chocolate, and pecan. I believe that this is because all three of these kinds of pies are really well known around the south. They are also just pretty famous pies.
3. For the third question, I asked "What is your favorite football team?". The choices were LSU, South, Alabama, and Auburn. Most people said South and another team, such as South and Auburn or South and Alabama. I feel that if someone goes to school somewhere they form a love for it. For instance everyone in this class wants South's football team to do great.
4. For the fourth question, I asked: "If you could have one miracle, what would it be and why?" Everyone's answer was very differnt, because everyone has different hopes and dreams. Not everyone is exactly alike.
5. In the fifth question I asked was "Do you like the smell of paint?"
Most everyone in this question did not like the smell of paint, I feel that the majority of people do not like it. It is a very strong and nasty smell. It gives alot of people headaches.
6. In the sixth question, I asked: "If you could change your name, would you and why?" Most people in this question did not want to change their name. They said that it was the name given to them and it fits them. Most people feel that is would be disrespectful to change your name. It is the name that your parents chose for you.
7. In the seventh question, I asked: "Are you afraid of clowns". The majority of the people said no. I feel that they said no, because clowns is like a childish thing, why be scared of them?
8. In the eighth question, I asked: "Do you like pizza or chicken fingers better". I also got a mixed reply on this one, because both of these foods are so well known. I mean everywhere you go you can get pizza or chicken fingers. Both of these foods are famous all over the world.
9. In the ninth question, I asked: "If you could be a movie star, who would you want to be". This is very much like the miracle question, because everyone has different tastes. There are so many movie stars and everyone has different tastes and preferences.
10. In the tenth question, I asked: "Do you prefer the movie Fried Green Tomatoes of Steel Magnolias?" I also got a mixed response on this question as well. I feel that these movies are so well known, that if you like one that you almost have to like the other one.

In this questionaire, I asked alot of questions about the south. In the answers, you could tell who was from the south.

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