Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog Post 11!!

Little Kids... Big Potential!

In this video it showed how these students were always using a laptop or a smartboard. This class is very advanced in technology. They mentioned how they had a class web page that always helped them access the internet, and they each had their own blog. The students loved talking about who left them comments back. They said how they can go home and still access their class web page. This is great, because it keeps the students always researching something. They also talked about being able to access other schools web pages as well. I think that this is great, because they can always get new ideas from each other, and always be interacting with people all around the world. I thought it was great that this classroom used skype in their classroom. That is GREAT! Can you imagine, what the students will be able to do with technology as they get older? They already know so much! These little children really do have so much potential.

Skype Interview with Mrs. Cassidy
I felt that this interview was very good. I thought that her classroom was great! I really liked seeing all the technology that she used in her classroom. I think that technology is here to stay as she said. The world is always changing and we have to keep up with technology. I think that blogs should be used inside a classroom. As she said, blogs can be seen all over the world, when work on pencil and paper can only be seen by a few people. I think that as time moves on, more and more teachers and principals will want their students to be using technology all the time. I think that all her ideas were great and she sounds like she is a great teacher. I really enjoyed watching this video.


  1. Will you be one of these teachers? Why do you think its so important? How will it make your students' learning experiences better? What obstacles might you face? How will you overcome them? Do you have any questions for Mrs. Cassidy?


  2. Hi Sterling, I enjoyed reading your post! Your blog looks great! I think that teachers should work with students and blogs. Children need to know how to post/comment on things, and need to know how to research and tell the difference between good and bad information. Using the interent can help children (and everyone for that matter) to keep up with things all over the world. Not just in one classroom. Just like Mrs. Cassidy said, blogs can be seen all over the world when only pen and paper can be seen by few.