Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blog Post 13!!!!!!!!

Picture of the Alabama Department of Education Logo


I was fairly familiar with ALEX due to previous classes, and I love it. It is so useful and can help so much. Alex is a site that gives you all the course of studys for all kinds of subjects. When you first go to the website, http://alex.state.al.us/index.php you have several tabs you can chose from. These tabs are the following: courses of study, web links, lesson plans, search, personal workshop, professional learning, podcast treasury, and ALEXville. In the courses of study tab you have to chose a subject that you are interested in making a lesson plan for. For instance if you want to teach a lesson on second grade math, you have to make sure that your lesson would meet the course of study objectives. This is the tab where you find all this information at. Then the next tab is web links. This tab is exactly what is says it is. It gives you all kinds of web links that are helpful resources for teachers. The next tab is lesson plans. This is where you can find lesson plans that are examples that can help guide a teacher throughout their lessons. The next tab is search. This is where you search anything you want to regarding to ALEX. The next tab is personal workshop. In this tab, you would have to login and it is where you can do all your work and save it to the actual website. The next tab is professional leaning. This tab is great because it takes you to all different areas that can be researched. The next tab is podcast treasury. In this tab you have all kinds of contents and it also shows you Alabamas showcases! It is really cool! The next tab is ALEXville. In this tab you can visit these areas to communicate with your colleagues, keep up with the latest ALEX news, and follow various ALEX Professional Learning Communities!! Alex is a great website, that is VERY useful! I plan on using it all the time when I become a teacher. I have not even became a teacher and I already use this website all the time. It can help you with all your lesson plans and make sure your doing everything right for a teacher.
In the http://accessdl.state.al.us/ website, I enjoyed seeing all the things that you can do. It takes you to the Alabama State Department of Education. You can connect with all the Alabama School systems and such. It is great. Everyone should check it out.

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